The “important numbers”… for the big game…

Okay, here’s what my tech crew did with their time at church this morning. We were taking a survey in church and they thought to take a survey of who is wearing what… in terms of Steeler numbers (I’m more of a Redskins fan, but I do, in fact, root for the home team, so “Go Stillers!”). So here’s the jersey count. It counts only our Sunday morning services at TCC On The Hill, not Saturday night or Downtown.

1 each wore the following, Pouncey, Hood, Clark, Wallace, Ham (that goes back), Bradshaw (THE blonde bomber), Parker, Woodson, Bettis, Crosby (Uh, I think that’s hockey, but okay…), Pink, Dad #1 (my favorite), and “Superbowl Champs” (That guy should have been wearing six shirts with another on standby).

Then, 2 for Lambert, 4 for Mendenhall, 7 for Harrison, 8 for Miller, 12 for Ward, 14 for Roethlisberger and… If I were Troy Polamalu, I’d ask that they waive my salary and just give me 10 bucks for each of my jersey’s sold…

33 for Troy Polamalu.

Enjoy the game everybody… I’m watching at TCC Downtown, hope to see you there.


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