Egypt… Lybia… and… (pray for peace)


This is my first (and who knows, maybe last) ever post on politics. Ugh.

But there is something happening in the world, and I have a feeling we’re about to see some major shifts in our world. It started when the Egyptian people demanded their leader step down, and he did.

Now we have the Lybian people demonstrating, and their leader is being defiant like he never has before.

How is this happening? I’m going to pontificate, so hold on to something (as we say in my house). The way that we communicate with each other is going through think of as the fourth truly seismic shift in human history. (Maybe there’s more, or maybe this is only part of the third seismic shift… but it’s my blog, so if you disagree, share your thoughts below…)

1. Literacy. It happened in different places at different times in the ancient world. People learned to read and write. The first man who crafted an alphabet must not be blamed for the ways people have mis-used words, however.

2. The printed page. approximately 1452. Again, Johann Gutenberg is not responsible when people use the Bible to justify acts that it is clearly not in favor of, just as he can’t be blamed for Mein Kampf.

3. Electronic communication (phase 1). 1828. No, not computers, not the internet, not anything like that, but a little invention called the telegraph. If you read about American history, for instance, in the first half of the 19th century, you will learn that the speed with which information got from one end of the country to another suddenly and dramatically got cut from days or weeks to hours and minutes. Eventually, the telephone continued this shift.

4. Electronic communication (phase 2). late 20th century. Our latest revolution in electronic communication has been happening for the past century, but specifically with the revolution in self-expression that the Internet has been bringing on us with great gust. News gets around instantaneously, to everybody, and we’re suddenly all listening. People in countries with no freedoms, or with leadership that the people would like removed, or what have you… well, suddenly they hear what is possible and decide to do something.

It’s dangerous, though. There are people who, in their reaction to what is happening, can do much harm to many people in ways that we haven’t even seen yet.

Pray for peace!


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