Charlie Sheen and God’s Grace

This is for all my friends who are Christ-followers, especially. Those who aren’t can skip this if you want… or not…

Shame on us. No, really…

We see a public figure in a totally self-destructive spiral that seems like it’s leading to death or worse, and we share jokes on the internet. We watch the references to his “divinity” and his “goddesses”, and we think, “Wow. I’m not so bad after all. I’m not a philandering, polygamous, self-idolatrous, addicted jerk” and pat ourselves on the back. We watch the videos, read the stories, watch the news accounts and shrug, or worse… laugh…

“Thank you, God, that I’m not like Charlie Sheen. That I don’t use drugs or alcohol in excess, that I haven’t left my wife, that I don’t make a fool of myself on TV and in public, that I don’t sleep around…”

Shame on us.

Somehow, I’ve never, in my life, cared about “praying for celebrities”. I never got that. I have enough friends with problems and challenges and addictions and cancer and sickness and despair and doubt and loss and pain… You name it. I know people with it… But for some reason, this one hits me hard. For some reason, God is moving my heart to compassion for somebody I will never know. (Charlie, if you’re reading this… Jesus CAN make you whole again… I’m not kidding here… and He is the ONLY one who can.) I think it’s because we can be tempted to excuse our sin because there’s somebody that everybody knows about who’s worse than us. We can, at least for a few days, decide that our faults aren’t worth repenting from or confessing because they aren’t as bad as Charlie’s.

“Dear God, I pray that somehow, some way, you draw close to Charlie, you draw Charlie close to you, you love on him and bring him out of this dark place so he embraces you, Lord, and your Anointed One. Jesus, draw him close to you.”

God’s grace through Jesus (and only through Him) is HUGE! It’s big enough for Charlie, for you, for me…


One thought on “Charlie Sheen and God’s Grace

  1. Cory Hughes says:

    I like what you said Peter. I share those feelings. God is bigger than our problems. God is bigger than Charlie Sheen’s problems. God’s grace is beyond all of that. I even said something to that accord at work yesterday when people were ripping on him. “Am i the only one who feels bad for Charlie Sheen??” haha. I hate how the news props up cardboard cut-out of celebs when they’re down like a joke and tries to knock it down and everybody jumps in. God loves Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen is one of God’s masterpieces as we all are.

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