Romans 12… slowly…

A verse at a time…


That’s what we’re going to do here…

Nothing whatsoever wrong with taking Scripture in chapter-sized bites at all, or sitting down and reading a whole book in one sitting (a very good thing to do). But for the next few weeks (starting Ash Wednesday, March 9), I’m going to look at my favorite chapter of the Bible a verse at a time. Chip Ingram has a book detailing how Romans 12 is a “rule of life” for Christians. I agree. I’ve always felt that way, and I’m glad that somebody actually has written a book about that. I hope to have time to go through it all twice, but we’ll see.

So as my Lenten meditation, in addition to my Life Journal readings, I’m going to think about and reflect and pray on just one verse of Romans 12 at a time, in order. Join me! Share your thoughts if you’re so inclined.


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