Have you ever read one of those books that was so good you knew that you’d never forget it. Or maybe you have a favorite movie that you watch again, hoping to relive the feelings from the first time you saw it. Or… Maybe you had a family vacation that was so excellent, so perfect, so full of joy that you look at the photos over and over again… Hoping to never forget that emotion?

Well, that’s how the last 5 and a half years or so will always be for me.

Serving at Tri-County Church has been one of the truly greatest experiences of my life, and some of the most important things (like Charles) that ever happened to me have happened to me here.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I let you know that I will be leaving… extremely sad for what I will miss no doubt, but always remembering it fondly, and also in joyful anticipation of what lies ahead for Kathleen, Charles and I.

For clarification’s sake, please know that there is no “controversy” here, no character issues on either side of this. TCC and myself are simply parting ways. We’d appreciate your prayers as we transition on to our next chapter of life. We love you all so much, and we’ll always treasure you in our hearts.