Romans twelve, nine

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.

Oh, man… this could be one to hang onto for a whole week. How often do we merely pretend to love others. Now… acting like you like somebody before you do is good, nothing wrong with that. But we want to move way past that, to really loving people. How many people, including, sadly, some who are reading this, have never been fully loved by me? How often is my own agenda, even if it’s a good one for their lives, totally in the way.

How wrong is that? And how much should I totally hate that wrong. Instead, how much should I hold tightly to something totally good, like… like… really loving others…

God, help us to get past the superficial today. Help us to stop asking “how are you” and not meaning it. Help us to follow your Son’s example of the kind of love that would lay down its life for a hopeless cause, the cause of loving the unloveable (me) and the broken (me) and the sinful (me) and the wrong and selfish (me, me). Plant your kind of love in our hearts so that our trust in you is more than mere words and thoughts and sentiments, but becomes action and movement and passion.



One thought on “Romans twelve, nine

  1. Diane London says:

    Amen to that! There are so many people that ask, “How are you?” And they just keep walking right past you. I have made it a point in my life that if I ASK the question, I make eye contact and stop and wait for and answer 🙂 That shows that I do care about them. We just all need to slow down and use our hearts more and my daughter just asked me the other day, “How cool would it be if we knew what people felt by a sign above their heads?” Good one! Then my son chimed in and said, “How about what they were thinking?” NO!!!!! Haha! We are to love our neighbor, (that is everyone other than yourself!) as yourself… like Christ loved…wow…does make ya want to sit back and grade yourself. Thanks for that today Peter 🙂

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