Romans twelve, ten

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

More of this “attitude stuff”. Do I take delight in honoring others? Do I love them with genuine affection? Really? If I were to do that better, how would it take shape in my life? I’d think of others above myself, perhaps. I’d look to make opportunities to build up other people, and not tear them down.

I’d be less judgmental perhaps, knowing that I don’t know everything that other people are going through. I’d search for the good, the right, the praiseworthy and maybe dwell less on what other people should do differently or stop doing. I’d really want somebody else to have the best they can have, whether my wife, my neighbor, my children…

God, again… we ask this again, because it seems so hard to get past… fill us up with Your love so it can spill out onto everybody else we encounter. Make our hearts soft like Yours was soft when you sent your Son Jesus to die in our place and to bring us back to you through his own suffering. Make us love… Make us love… Make us… truly… love…


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