Romans twelve, eleven

Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.

Okay… this is a big one. Too often, we who say we follow Jesus are, let’s be honest, lazy. We go to church and look to be “fed”. We buy a book about something we already know plenty about, just to make ourselves feel better, and we read it while we sit in our easy chair and eat more chocolate. (Is that just me? I don’t think so.)

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard somebody say they were trying to find a church that “feeds” them, that “meets their needs”. Recently, I had a very refreshing conversation with somebody who was frustrated because they couldn’t serve in their giftedness in their church. Should they talk to the pastor? I said, “YES”! That pastor, if he’s worth his salt, wants to equip that guy in his giftedness and find a place for him to serve. No question.

So, go find a place. Find a way to serve… enthusiastically. If you go to church this next weekend and the sermon doesn’t automatically “feed” you, then here’s my suggestion. First, thank God that you are no longer a baby and can feed yourself. Go home and read your Bible and thank God that you live in a time when you can just pick up that book and dig into what God has to say. Andy Stanley says we are “educated beyond our obedience”. Serve God. Be enthusiastic. Feed somebody else, stop looking for your food…

There are people who are in churches who are at a place that they need to be fed, don’t get me wrong… but you know what? If you’re taking the time to navigate to this page and read these words, you probably aren’t that person, are you…


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