Romans twelve, thirteen

When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.

I think being eager means you LOOK for these opportunities. LOOK for a way to help people in need if you aren’t. And for the record, if you’re able to sit and read these words on a computer… you are not in need, at least not like most of the world.

Find a way to help somebody in your community. Actively seek it. Eagerly practice this kind of hospitality. Do you sponsor a child through Compassion? No? Click here and do it today! Make a difference in your world. (Some of you should maybe sponsor two kids.) We live in a time when you can do this right here at home, you can do it half-way around the world, there are no limits. Perhaps Japan is on your heart, find a way to give responsibly to relief efforts.

God open up our hearts to see those in need, help us to actively look for ways to help them. Help us to be generous with what you’ve given us. Open up our hearts, Lord!


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