Romans twelve, seventeen

Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable.

First, it is our nature to want to “get back” at those who hurt us, isn’t it. Well, don’t. Remember, Jesus said we should do good to and pray for our enemies. Too many Christians have ignored that over the centuries. The ones who didn’t, like Francis of Assisi who even crossed over the border to preach the Gospel to the Muslims of his time, should stand out in our minds more than crusaders, inquisitors, and pastors who decide to create a stir by burning someone else’s holy book.

And then… It almost sounds like you’re supposed to be honorable on purpose, to do things that people will see are right and just and true in such a way that they will see them. This shouldn’t mean that we do good things to get ahead, to further our own agenda, but rather… to further Christ’s agenda, which is… interestingly enough, to love.

Father, help us to look to live with others in a way that they will see your love for them, so that our enemies might become our brothers and sisters, and those far from you might draw near.


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