Romans twelve, eighteen

Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.

We just do not do this. In America, it’s all about my rights, my yard, my car, my money, my life, my freedom of speech… all this stuff that’s mine. And it means that it’s up to the other guy to live at peace with us. It’s not up to us to live at peace with the other guy.

What would happen if we deliberately decided to avoid arguments over things that might make our relationship with our neighbor bad? What if we held our tongue and were silent about what we thought should be said, and waited till the point could be made peacefully? What if we didn’t do that thing that drives our spouse crazy? What if we looked for opportunities to extend the peace rather than ruin it?

God, help us to remember it’s not about getting our way. It’s not about getting what we deserve, because, in the end, we all deserve a lot of things that we pray we never have to experience. Instead, help us to remember to extend peace, to live in a way that peace will reign and advance and multiply.


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