Between death and life

So, last Sunday we celebrated the day Jesus is welcomed into Jerusalem with crowds and cheering. And then, in a few days, we commemorate the day when he endured unimaginable pain and torture, in our place, for six hours before dying on the cross.

In between…

I wonder if these people remembered…

Some time earlier, maybe not long before, Jesus arrived at the home of his friend Lazarus (check it out in John 11), where the funeral was still in full swing. Lazarus had been dead for four days. That meant, according to Jewish tradition, that the spirit of Lazarus had left the body. But Jesus made sure to wait until that point, until all hope was gone. And then…

…he simply tells the four-day dead man to come out of the tomb…

…and Lazarus obeys…

This man, Jesus, so obviously had the power of God, and yet when the leaders hear about this miracle, they immediately plot to kill him.

Jesus has a power that can only come from God, and they plan to kill him.

Jesus still has the power of God, in fact he is the power of God. So… what is my plan? What is your plan?


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