Lent… over…


I give up stuff for Lent. I know not everybody does this, and people often misunderstand why some of us do. For me, I get reminded every time I encounter whatever I’ve given up that I’m reminded of how very much Christ gave up to become one of us and redeem us. It’s that simple.

This year, my wife and I gave up meat (chicken, poultry, beef, pork). I’ve never done that before. Usually it’s something like chocolate, but I’m a meat lover, so this seemed like a great challenge. Normally, it’s chocolate, and that’s enough of a challenge… but meat… I live for meat.

It was and it wasn’t.

First, my wife is an awesome cook and did amazing things, for the past six and a half weeks, with seafood and vegetables and cheesy stuff.

But, I REALLY want a burger right now, and will indulge in one tomorrow for lunch. That said, every meal I had, I remembered, in my flesh, not just my mind, that God sacrificed so much for me…

I didn’t make God happier, I didn’t win his favor or friendship. I just reminded myself, a little more, of what he did.

It was awesome.

But I’m having bacon for breakfast tomorrow.


One thought on “Lent… over…

  1. Julie Holm says:

    It’s a spiritual discipline. Something that allows you to remember God a little more often, and a little more keenly. And therefore to become even more deeply in love. Whether it’s accomplished by giving something up or adding something (the praying, which I did with you maybe half the time this year – catch me next spring, when I will not have six classes, plus a demanding client – to try again) it is a great thing to add extra ones in Lent.

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