Free Song – Lazarus

Another of my old favorite songs from a collection I made years ago. Free for you! You can download the mp3 here. It’s a song about the feelings going through all the people associated with Lazarus death and eventual raising from the Gospel of John. I hope the lyrics make sense to you.


nothing else affects the heart,
to force the soul to see.
like fire burning clean,
and all i ask is set me free.
inside my grief,
i know You can do anything You choose,
even beyond the cruel door of time.
come with me,
to the place where nature rules and gives no pardon,
gives my soul no place to hide.

cry out,
for what life that stills for
all the sleepers locked beneath the ground.
ask again,
for whispered rumour promise,
for the pearl you traveled everywhere and finally found.
hope this.
to stretch and throw a tiny hand
beyond the glowing tender of the sky.
even now,
Your sage reflection lifts the evening whisper
just like dawn off the by and by.

come forth,
open up like april’s cruel showers break dead clutch of soulless winter.
rise up,
for every single petal of the disenchanted broken heart in shard and splinter.
restored to life,
every single breath rips away the tragic blindness of the grave.
love again,
the echoes ripple back and forth unceasing for the whole of heaven for to save.


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