I tried to write this song years ago as a regular love song. One with more of a “divine love” direction is what came out. Anyway, I still like it. I hope you do, too. (In case you haven’t guessed it yet, I am indeed giving away a whole album’s worth of songs… one at a time.)

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there is time, and one day time will all run out.
there is hope, and hope will end one day.
there is reason, and it will one day all run dry.
there is love, and it’s all i hope will stay

there i am, no prospects, incomplete.
there i go, walking all alone.
there i was, but it was no one else but me.
there i went, with no sense but my own.

but you are everything…

there is time, it’s never enough to spend with you.
there is hope, and one day it will fade.
there is reason, and it will not hold on for long.
there is love, with you it never fails.

but you are everything…

©2000 Peter J. Hamm. All rights reserved.