Traveling thoughts on growth. (and I LOVE my family…)

So, I’m away from my family, and having dinner with my sister in a great little restaurant out west two nights ago, and I call home.

I forgot that with the time change it was bed time, and my wife and son, Charles, were praying before bed, so she put the phone on speaker and we all prayed together. My son, Charles, started his prayer, pretty much the same thing he always prays, word for word…

…and on goes the faucet. I was so glad it was a family member I was with. I sat in the very nice restaurant booth and cried like a baby… I missed them so much.

So, for those of you actually reading… I’m on public record… I ADORE my wife and my son and I am more blessed than anybody to have them.

Next night I’m spending time with my sister and her husband, who have two special needs kids.

They are so amazing with them, they have grown as people beyond what they have any idea. I was so impressed I can’t even believe it.

Lisa, Bob, you guys are amazing. (It was a blessing from God to spend time with you, Lisa, this weekend… an AMAZINGLY FREAKING HUGE blessing…)

Kathleen, Charles, you are the center of my life. I will be home soon!

Gotta go…

Hug your whole family… RIGHT NOW!

Cry if you want.


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