The End of All Things (Thoughts on Harold Camping)

First, Harold Camping is a total Kook, a nut, a complete idiot (at least when it comes to interpreting the Bible). Okay? We have established that, right? Good.

But on the other hand, people die in freak accidents, learn they have inoperable cancer, fall in the shower, or otherwise meet an untimely demise every day. So… try this…

Assume… just for a moment, that this is the last day you will ever spend on the planet. Just for a moment. How would you live differently? Would you kiss your spouse? Speak kindly to your child? Forgive someone who’s wronged you? Would you work harder and more honestly at your job? Would you be “nicer”?

What if this really is the last day of your life? Live like it. In a good way, not in self-fullfillment, but in love and grace and mercy. Live like the only thing people will talk about if you die today is how you lived… today…

For me, it boils down to this. Love God. Love the people around me.


Even if Harold Camping is a certified looney.


3 thoughts on “The End of All Things (Thoughts on Harold Camping)

  1. Chuck Britton says:

    I agree. Mr Camping needs to go to Church TOMORROW and repent for his false prophesy. I cant say that the end of the world wont be today-(I will let you know tomorrow). Only GOD knows when HE will end it- it’s not important WHEN it ends.. My concern is for those WITHOUT a relationship with Jesus…. when it does end.

  2. rccmdp says:

    I always remember when I was 16 and in a spiritual retreat the leader asked us: What would you do if Jesus returns this night?
    many of us answered: “I’ll go to confession” “I’ll make peace with my family” “I’ll preach to my friends”
    And the leader said: Well, do it now, because nobody knows the day and the time
    Making that question changed my point of view in many things of my life.
    Let’s get ready, let’s prepare our lamps and let’s get oil, so he don’t find us in the dark!
    God Bless you!
    From Argentina
    PD(Sorry for my English)

  3. Bradley A Waddell says:

    On my last day if I knew it was time. I would praise God for the work done in me. I would also praise God for the work done to other through me. Now if you will excuse me gotta big mission out there time for bed.

    Night Peter

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