I’ve been reflecting lately… a lot. (I’m currently between jobs… too much time for reflection, if you know what I mean.)

Many of the people that I am in regular contact with right now are going through harder times than they ever have. Some are fighting cancer… and not always winning. A disproportionate number of people who God has put in my path in the past couple years have seen marriages and families crumble and fall apart, and many of these same people have experienced behavior from their faith communities that was inconsiderate at best and perhaps evil at worst. And yet, to a person, all these people have clung to Christ. Every one.

When I was younger, stuff like this led me, in my faith, to share that there was an answer, it was Jesus. Simple. And that naive simplicity would, I reflect now, sometimes really tick people off.

It’s not so simple after all. But I have better news.

For difficult times and great loss, we need complicated answers, not simple ones. Mysterious, hard-to-figure-out promises that won’t necessarily take root here in this existence, but are there nonetheless. Promises that are “here” but “not yet”. Promises that even if people who say they follow God fail you, God has not failed. Even when it seems CLEAR that God has failed you, he hasn’t.

Jesus is that answer. And that answer is complicated… not simple…

Rejoice. He is with us. Not “even when it doesn’t seem that way” but “especially when it doesn’t seem that way”.