A tale of two lyrics.

I just heard two songs on Christian radio.

One was a very beautifully written and recorded song that reminded us how much God watches out for us… except it took two Scriptures so far out of context as to twist their meaning and turn God into a Spiritual Vending Machine… which he is not… It was one of those songs that, inadvertently, reinforces the ridiculous notion that if things aren’t happening great in our lives (eventually), that it’s a lack of faith or something. I wont’ mention the song. I have never heard it before, and I hope to never hear it again…

The other was an older song that, I admit, is very tired, musically at this point. One of those songs that probably is in the Top 10 of all songs ever played on Christian radio, from a band I’m not crazy about, with a sound I think is schmaltzy and almost manipulative… and yet lyrically, it paints God on the throne, paints us as wisest if we totally surrender, despite anything that might happen… overall… much more in line with Scriptural reality than the “better written” but theologically weak and selfish song.

I’ll take that second song… even though I’m tired of it…


2 thoughts on “A tale of two lyrics.

  1. Julie Holm says:

    The first song is also one of the reasons “Praise” music gets a bad rap in progressive circles. And why I love your music, Peter, which manages to be beautiful and so deeply rooted in scripture.

    • pietrosquared says:

      Oh, the other song was definitely deeply rooted in scripture, the problem is… it took one passage that has nothing to do with “me today” and applied it… and another out of context in order to totally change the meaning.

      Fact is, I’ve heard people say that both those verses were their life verses… and those individuals were sadly totally wrong (based on the context) about what those verses meant, too. Which is why songs like this exist, and they exist to mis-inform the next generation of listener, too…


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