Waiting For a Friend

My son has a friend over to visit, play Wii and hang around with today. They’re having a great time.

Before his friend arrived, Charles was very concerned, however. You see, his friend was late, and Charles was just totally sure that he’d been forgotten. He was about to be really really down when I suggested we walk out front and wait, hoping that perhaps if they missed the house, we could wave them back.

So a few minutes later, his friend shows up, and Charles lets out a giggle of glee that just screamed “I am important to somebody. Somebody wants to spend time with me. Somebody is coming to where I live to do that.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, but also think…

I wonder if we could bottle that and get it out on down days, and remember that the King of the Universe is here… now… among us… and He is just aching to spend time with us, and He loves us…

I want me some of that glee.


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