Pride in a Son

The other night, my son went to Cub Scouts to put this wooden toy truck together. I wanted to be there, but was otherwise engaged, and my wife dropped him off and picked him up. When I got home, he was already in bed, so I walked the dog and went up to go to bed and my wife told me Charles was really really proud of his truck and wanted to show it to me in the morning. I was really psyched and did NOT sneak into his room to look at it… but I waited…

So, in the morning I woke him up for school (I wake him, feed him, and drive him to school, mom stays in bed till she HAS to get up for work… I love my morning routine with my son, it’s awesome, and I get to give my wife a little extra rest. double bonus).

So… anyway… Charles says, “Dad, you wanna see what I made in Cub Scouts”, and I am, totally, like “YES”! He goes and gets it. He brings it, and it’s awesome, and I tell him it’s awesome, and I make his day (and mine, by the way).

I wasn’t faking. It was awesome and so is he. I got to thinking that that might be a defining moment in his life, when he is reminded that his earthly father loves him, is proud of what he does, and is delighted by it. And, if I’m REALLY lucky, he’ll extend that thinking to his heavenly Father who loves him GOBS more than I ever will, and is delighted in him WAY more than I am (and I find that hard to believe, as delighted as I am in my son). And if I’m REALLY lucky, at some point, Charles will decide that he is going to love God with everything he is and in every way he can, and change the whole world around him… in part, at least, because of the way I, a flawed, but delighted, earthly father love my awesome son Charles…

It is so simple and easy to spread God’s love. Just be really truly delighted in the wonderfulness* of the people God has put around you. Just do that. And follow God, and let them see you following Him.

*thanks to Bill Cosby for the word wonderfulness… it’s not a real word, I don’t think…


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