Listen To Music!

When I was younger, I loved music, just like I do now. I would love to just sit and listen to an LP (yeah… record) and take out the sleeve and read through the lyrics and credits. I know nobody listens to music like that anymore, for the most part, but… my son does… Nowadays, I do that (without the booklet in my hand) when I grab my iPod and cut the grass or shovel snow or rake and blow leaves and such…

Anyway… Charles is sitting on the couch across the room from me with the songbook from this awesome Yolanda Adams CD in his hands, just listening, and singing along a bit, reading along.

First… I love that he loves music like that, and I love that of all our music we have, much of the stuff he likes best is Black Gospel, since he is African-American after all. And I love that he’s diggin’ on music that reminds you of how much God adores us!

But also… I love that when you are young your parents pray that someday you will have a child just like you… and I’m here to tell you that it happens even if you adopt a child and even if he isn’t the same color as you! And this is, yes, a very good thing…

Life is pretty stinkin’ good sometimes…


2 thoughts on “Listen To Music!

  1. Julie Holm says:

    You will have to check out Mali Music. The Job Experience is the one big thing he has out now, a full album is, I think coming out in January. I saw him in concert at Howard this year. Divinity convocation – The Church and Hip Hop.

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