Favorite Christmas CDs

Okay, so maybe you don’t care… but here it is…

Bruce Cockburn "Christmas

Bruce Cockburn "Christmas

By far, the best Christmas CD ever is Bruce Cockburn’s “Christmas”. You’ll feel like you’ve gone around the world and experienced Christmas in a lot of places, like France, Spain, among the Huron Indians, and even in a brothel perhaps (seriously…). None better. In fact, this one is SO good that all the rest of the ones on this list are tied for a distant 10th place. Yeah… it’s that good…

This very obscure and rare CD, “Your King Has Come” is also amazing in some of the same ways that Bruce’s is. Some new songs, some totally bizarre arrangements of old favorites, and some very recognizable. It’s pretty rare, so grab one while you still can find it.

Chris Tomlin’s “Glory in the Highest” is an amazingly worshipful Christmas music experience. I’ve used almost all of these songs the past two years in leading Christmas Eve worship services. You get that “Christmas Spirit” feeling and real worship (even just listening if you can believe it) all in one. As far as I can tell, this CD wasn’t a huge hit. I can NOT understand why.

More of a “Winter” album than a Christmas one, Sting’s “If On A Winter’s Night” really makes you feel like sitting around the stereo with hot chocolate after a long day walking in the cold. Even though it’s not “religious” per se, a lot of the “real Christmas” makes it’s way in. My son and I LOVE “Soul Cake” and how many other rock stars record albums on a classical music label? I can only think of maybe one.

There’s the “City On a Hill: It’s Christmas Time”. A lot of CCM artists coming together to make a really sweet album of Christmas music that, again, can often be used in worship services.

What are you waiting for… go listen to some Christmas music!


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