even when You seem so far away

It's no secret to many of you that my life has not been "great" lately, and that it's been filled with disappointments. Well, a couple things happened just this week. First off, a couple of relatively huge disappointments in my ongoing job search reared their ugly heads, and then... on top of that... ...I find … Continue reading even when You seem so far away


Why “Legalism” is Good…

I confess, I've been thinking about writing this post for a week, and yes, the title is a deliberate bait and switch, because unbridled legalism is in fact bad and evil. The Law, though, the "rules", the "commandments" are really great things. I've been trying to think of a way to say this this week. … Continue reading Why “Legalism” is Good…


Well... I could dwell on what was wrong with 2011, and how much I wish had gone better, but... I have an adorable wife... I have an awesome son... My doctor says I'm in great health... (and honestly, I feel like it) God has provided everything I need... Did I mention my marvelous wife and … Continue reading 2012