It’s no secret to many of you that my life has not been “great” lately, and that it’s been filled with disappointments. Well, a couple things happened just this week. First off, a couple of relatively huge disappointments in my ongoing job search reared their ugly heads, and then… on top of that…

…I find out today that a very dear friend has been admitted to the hospital today. His cancer that spread from his prostate to his bones is now entering the liver, and he’s in a lot of pain, so they are trying to fight the pain so they can do some tests. He is facing down a terrible challenge in his life (understatement) and yet, as I and a few other friends visited with him, it became clear that he was (in his words) “not afraid to die, but afraid of the process”.

He was thinking, even in his pained state, how he could be a blessing to other people in his situation, how to share with them that there is hope, and more, for those who trust in Christ. His love for God and his reliance on Jesus was almost painfully evident in every word and gesture.

In short, his situation is a lot worse than mine, and his outlook is way more positive.

Today, this song is for Jim Fitz!

You can listen here.

Even When You Seem So Far Away
©2011 Peter J. Hamm. All rights reserved.

Have mercy on me, O Lord
‘Cause I can barely stand, O Lord
My bones are shaking,deliver me
Deliver me from this fear, O Lord

Even when You seem so far away
I will follow, follow
Even when Your bright light seems to fade
I surrender, surrender