Looking for Me?

So, yeah, it was super-exciting when my son Charles "won it all" at the PineWood Derby for our local Cub Scout Pack yesterday. We made a pretty fast car it turns out. (get the weight just right and put a bunch of graphite in the wheels and make sure they are straight... that's it...) But … Continue reading Looking for Me?


Stand on Ceremony

Last May I wrote this post about my visit to my brother's Catholic Seminary. You can go read it first... I'll wait... (I am still shocked that out of the almost 38,000 visits to this blog (as of today) since I started, about one third of them were this one story.) I was blessed to … Continue reading Stand on Ceremony

Thank You, Jim

I got the news that my dear friend Jim Fitzgerald passed away last night. He had fought a battle with cancer for some time and in the end it was just too much for him. Today I just want to honor him.He was a man who loved music, loved gadgets, was more generous than probably … Continue reading Thank You, Jim