Looking for Me?

Charles Wins it All

Charles Wins it All

So, yeah, it was super-exciting when my son Charles “won it all” at the PineWood Derby for our local Cub Scout Pack yesterday. We made a pretty fast car it turns out. (get the weight just right and put a bunch of graphite in the wheels and make sure they are straight… that’s it…)

But something else struck me as we were getting closer and closer to the end. And it was even more special than winning, or any medal (he got two) or trophy (he got the really really big one) could ever be.

Every time Charles’ car won a race, I was photographing (or video-graphing) and would look up to see his face… and each time he was looking right back at me. Not at his buddies, or the other racers, or anybody… He looked up and looked right for his Dad.

That seems insignificant, but every day that I realize that Charles is becoming more and more aware of what being part of our family forever means (He’s adopted out of foster care, for those who don’t know…) and what it means that he is my son and I love him and am proud of him… is a good good day.

So every time I looked up and he was looking right back at me to share his triumphs (and the one time he lost he looked right for me, too…), was a really special father-son moment that I’m super-grateful for.

Charles = awesome!


4 thoughts on “Looking for Me?

  1. John Hamm says:

    Dude! God has given you a great gift, my brother. He has enabled you and Charles to see the truth of your family relationship and taught you both to rejoice in it. God be praised. I’m not sure who’s luckier, Charles or his parents.

    God bless you!

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