An Open Letter to the People Who Just Blessed Us

You made me cry. You made my wife cry. Charles asks if everything is okay, and we told him yes, that sometimes people cry when something good happens. He asked why this is. We told him someday when he cries when he's happy about something he will understand. Somebody(s) out there just blessed us immensely … Continue reading An Open Letter to the People Who Just Blessed Us



So... my son can teach us all a lesson or two about sharing. First... he's not allowed to just chow down on candy, since we figured out that he's the type of metabolism that will end up being 800 pounds if he does. So, he only gets a couple pieces out of his halloween/christmas/easter/whatever-is-the-recent-candy-holiday at … Continue reading Sharing

You never know…

You never know when a great great day will present itself. Yesterday, Charles wanted to play Monopoly. It was only the third time we've played, and the first two times, he was the absolute personification of "beginners luck", crushing me... and quickly... Not this time! This time Dad won, and it was so much fun … Continue reading You never know…


So, on the heels of the amazing perfect game feat by Philip Humber, we see an even rarer feat by Josh Hamilton yesterday. Four home runs in one game. Only 16 people have done this. That's fewer than have pitched that elusive perfect game, by the way. When Josh woke up yesterday morning, he had … Continue reading FOUR!