So… my son can teach us all a lesson or two about sharing.

First… he’s not allowed to just chow down on candy, since we figured out that he’s the type of metabolism that will end up being 800 pounds if he does. So, he only gets a couple pieces out of his halloween/christmas/easter/whatever-is-the-recent-candy-holiday at a time.

So his Halloween and Easter candy lasts him nearly all year. I guess he figured out that he wanted to share it then, and when we have lunch at home and he gets candy after, he has taken to always asking my wife and I if we want a piece. My gut is to say, “No, Charles. That candy is for you, you don’t have to share it.” But I figured out that he may as well learn the habits and blessings of sharing, so lately, I often let him share it with me (hey… I also live for chocolate).

So the other day a friend gives him a couple dollars for ice cream or what have you. What is the first thing he does? He says to me, “Dad, can I put one of those dollars in the offering at church?”

Absolutely! Might as well get in the habit.

Yeah… he’s awesome…


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