This morning, we had this short time during church where we found someone we didn't know and shared how we'd seen God at work, basically. So I introduced myself to the young couple in front of us and the husband shared about all the fascinating bits and pieces of nature he noticed during this particular … Continue reading LOVE!


Why So Much Gloating

Some of the things I've read the past few hours about reactions to the jury verdict in the Jerry Sandusky trial are, to be honest, disturbing. Cartoons that depict him entering prison, comments shouted at him as he was leaving the courtroom ("Rot in Hell!"). Comments on facebook. I'd like to suggest that our pity … Continue reading Why So Much Gloating


I thought about this today as I was seeing all the folks that posted that facebook privacy warning that is apparently just something made up. No, I wasn't thinking how gullible people are when they copy and paste something that says every time you share this photo AOL and Microsoft will send $5.00 to the … Continue reading Cynicism