I thought about this today as I was seeing all the folks that posted that facebook privacy warning that is apparently just something made up. No, I wasn’t thinking how gullible people are when they copy and paste something that says every time you share this photo AOL and Microsoft will send $5.00 to the “rescue the puppies” fund or some such… Rather, I was thinking that how much of this kind of stuff slowly turns us into a society that doesn’t believe anything.

So, we don’t believe any of the really cool stories that people post (although some, I admit, believe all of them), because every time we check the hoax web sites we find out that it was photo-shopped, or something like that.

Does that kind of thinking and does that kind of experience harden us as we grow older? That’s what I wonder. What are we missing? What do we wish we could have back? 

An obvious solution is for me to never post something or say something I don’t know for a fact is true. Another one (I think I like this better), is to look for the really true, really cool stuff that happens in the world, look for the extremes of beauty, and celebrate those, and share them, and tell stories about them, and dwell on them…