Champions All

I just saw an awesome Olympics interview. It was with an athlete who had no hope of a medal at these games, but who improved her personal best while competing. She was delighted by this, and you could see her beaming with pride as she talked about it.

This… this is the kind of athlete, whose name you will never hear or remember, and who will not get multi-million dollar endorsement deals… who embodies what I think is meant by “the Olympic spirit”. Not the multimillionaire who grouses about coming in fourth in a race, or missing the gold by “just this much”.

Nothing wrong with being the best at what you do, don’t get me wrong, but when I see the pride on the athlete’s face who truly is in it “for love of the game” (look up the definition of “amateur” –yes I know they aren’t all amateurs anymore), it warms my heart.


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