An Open Letter to J.K. Rowling

When your Harry Potter books (and then movies) first exploded onto the scene, many of my Evangelical brothers and sisters got very bent out of shape about the apparently “anti-Christian” themes of witchcraft and wizardry. I confess I didn’t read your books, but found absolutely nothing objectionable about the movies.

Fast-forward to this year, when my son, Charles, who hated to read, decided to start reading the Harry Potter books. I bribed him, telling him that he could only see the movies after finishing the books. As of today, he is almost done with the sixth book (after which we will watch the sixth movie, we watched the fifth, and best, last night), and he’s only 10. Your books have turned him into a real reader. Thanks so much for that!

But that’s not all, Miss Rowling.

The other day at breakfast, Charles started up a conversation with me about how the characters in the Lord of the Rings (he’s seen the movies, he hasn’t read the books yet… gimme a break, he just turned 10!), the Chronicles of Narnia and your Harry Potter books are… well… a lot like the characters in the Bible.

He thinks Dumbledore is supposed to be like Jesus, and “he who must not be named” is like, “the guy down there”.

So, not only is he reading a lot more than most grown-ups I know, but he’s getting a whiff of the “history of redemption” that seems to be flowing through all things. Obviously, it’s a lot more obvious in your final Harry Potter book. I can’t wait till he reads that one!


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