I can’t recall if I’ve posted about this before, but here goes.

The schools where I live all have off today. They call it a “teacher in-service day”, though, even though it’s Martin Luther King day. As a father of an African American son, I find this a bit of a slap in the face. I wonder, honestly, why they can’t just call it what it is, and give it the same name the banks and Post Office do.

The answer I have gotten from some is that they don’t think King should have had a holiday because he was so deeply flawed. Yes, he was. Have you read any decent biography of Thomas Jefferson lately? What an incredibly flawed individual, and yet we still leave him on the nickel and the 2-dollar bill.

Dr. King, we remember your dream… and we still dream that dream with you.

Sleep, sleep tonight…
And may your dreams… be realized…