All Things New

So, this weekend I am just sitting by and worshipping while others take the platform and lead… for the last time for a while… Watching and listening from the back in a place where very few people know much about me yet.

New beginnings are interesting. I’ve been blessed to encounter more than a few of them in my life, as my family moved from one place to another several times in my childhood (5 times before I graduated High School!), and I’ve moved to a new town a couple times.

So, here I am starting with a bare slate, in a new town and new job (leading artists in the church, what I totally love to do and what I was made for)…

The excitement of the new is chilling in some ways, and makes it so you can’t sleep at night thinking about the great stuff you might encounter. It alternatively makes you feel older than your years and younger than you’ve ever been… sometimes those feelings step on each other (in a quite wonderful way).

I can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds, for those around me, for my family, for new friends, new ventures, and for the Kingdom.

You GO, God!


One thought on “All Things New

  1. Tom Talley says:

    This sounds great. So glad has provided a ministry for you to continue. Our worship seems to be so blessed now with new players/singers added. We are buying a new building and closing in 21 days then the renovations begin. What an adventure!

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