Complaining about the weather…

…I think we should all consider just giving that up…

…unless you actually DID just survive a tornado, or unless your crop was destroyed by drought, or something like that.

We in USAmerica complain about the smallest things, we vote with our wallets, we go out of our way to try to be better (getting better isn’t bad, feeling like I have to be better than you is another story). We feel like we’re entitled to a great number of things, maybe because so many of us grew up getting a trophy for “participation” (which makes us feel like we should get a promotion and a raise at work just because we showed up… and stuff like that).

I’ve noticed it seeps into my prayer life. When things go wrong I yell at God and blame him, about my situation, my broken A/C in my old rusty Jeep, my… whatever… Sure, I thank him for the good stuff, but when it’s not good, I complain… and complain… and complain…

A friend of mine told me a while back that he took a 30-day challenge with regard to prayer… It was simple… no complaints, no requests (for myself anyway), only blessings… I think I ought to  try that for a month in June…

…you in?


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