30 Days of Blessings Starts Right Here…

I’m going to spend the next 30 days sharing a blessing, each day, right here on this space. I hope you’ll join me, find your own blessing, thank God for it, and focus on that with me… but it’s up to you.

I miss my son.

He’s at home, maybe riding his bike right now, maybe being allowed to watch some cool super-hero movie on TV, maybe listening to the radio (he loves music), or maybe just playing around or reading a book.

As I sit here in an airport waiting for my flight to board, there is a mother and her two insanely gorgeous little girls, one a little older than my son and one a little younger. Not everybody gets to do this family/parenting thing. Charles is a kind of miracle for us, as it looked like we would never be able to experience success on our difficult journey to parenthood via adoption. But of course… as you know… it did happen.

A difficult road, but I’m so thankful for where we’ve been and where we are going. It has made us who we are, and will make us who we will be.

Bless you, God, for my amazing son, for mothers and fathers and sons and daughters everywhere.


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