I’m continuing my quest to spend this whole month sharing a blessing, each day (well, MOST every day), right here on this space. I hope you’ll join me, find your own blessing, thank God for it, and focus on that with me… but it’s up to you.

Anderson Hollow Atom CT, Crowdster Plus 2 & Classic T

A sampling of the incredible instruments made by Tom Anderson Guitarworks

I’m a guitar player. One thing we’re famous for is that we hoard guitars and gear. Honestly many of the guitarists I know have a dozen or more guitars. I’ve had that many before, but a while back I decided to downsize and instead of owning a dozen “good” guitars, I’d own just a small handful of “great” ones.

And other than my acoustic, the only 3 I have left are all made by the same guy, an amazing craftsman (and his company of course, he’s just one of the people who made these guitars) by the name of Tom Anderson. The fact is, the service I’ve gotten from that company is incredible, even to the point where he’s sent me replacement parts, at no cost, for guitars I didn’t buy new, but used. WAY above and beyond the call of duty.

But because they’re so well made, they normally don’t need anything anyway.

There are lots of people who can do and make marvelous things with their hands, and as someone who can’t, it always amazes me. I’m barely able to operate a drill.

Bless you God, for making people with talents to make things I couldn’t dream of, or sometimes, just great stuff that I need.


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