Change Is the Only Constant

I’m continuing my quest to spend this whole month sharing a blessing, each day (well, MOST every day), right here on this space. I hope you’ll join me, find your own blessing, thank God for it, and focus on that with me… but it’s up to you.

I know there are plenty of people for whom it would be wonderful if everything stayed exactly as it was during the best year of their lives. It’s why we watch TV reruns, and why we listen to oldies radio.

For some, it goes further than that, as they pine away for a time they never experienced. Some “re-enactors” seem to belong in this category, although a lot of those folks are merely history buffs (as I am). Or there’s the guy who only listens to music or reads books by people who’ve been dead a while (I, myself, prefer really old fiction by dead guys).

For some, we just fear change, or at least we are suspicious of it. But change is pretty cool. Things get better. I can communicate with the whole world from a device I carry in my pocket now, stuff like that.

Change… it’s coming… it’s great… enjoy it.

Bless you God, that things do NOT stay the same forever. It’s a whole lot more interesting this way.


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