Smell That?

I’m continuing my quest to spend this whole month sharing a blessing, each day (well, MOST every day), right here on this space. I hope you’ll join me, find your own blessing, thank God for it, and focus on that with me… but it’s up to you.

Some things just carry you back. For me, it’s certain sounds and smells. It’s probably like that with smells for you, too. That particular sense seems to have the ability to take us to another time. I recently walked into a room and the smell was (as far as I can recall) exactly like my grandmother’s house. I was instantly 9 again, for just a moment, playing with the record player in their side room, listening to some old records that happened to be sitting there, or playing that really really old game of monopoly with the wooden houses and hotels. (For the record, I am ALWAYS the hat.)

I like the way that memories often accentuate the good in people and situations. I’m sure it doesn’t work that way for everyone, but it does for me. For many, some of those memories of childhood and family can be really painful, but I also love that God does, and will, heal us of that, too.

Bless you God, that our memories can sometimes take hold of us and transport us. Help us to remember the good and forgive the bad.


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