Kids These Days

I’m continuing my quest to spend this whole month sharing a blessing, each day (well, MOST every day), right here on this space. I hope you’ll join me, find your own blessing, thank God for it, and focus on that with me… but it’s up to you.

We had an amazing morning of worship this morning. Instead of playing with a group of people mostly my age, this morning, I played with a band of what I like to call “hoodlums”, but I’m just kidding around, really.

College, High School and Middle School… I had all of ’em this morning, and worship was a little “rambunctious” and I felt quite a few years younger. Plus, we had a bunch of those kids talking about their mission trips they went on this summer, and how they managed to be Christ to a whole lot of people, some close by, and some far away.

Anyway… kids these days ROCK! They’re wonderful, they love to think they can change the world, and they like to try to change the world.

They’re going to change the world, I can feel it.

And they’re going to keep me young while they’re at it.

Bless you God, for those who are younger than us, who will lead us into the future.


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