I (heart) hoodlums

Last night I had a great time leading worship at our church’s first monthly Youth service of the fall. And it had me thinking about what things in life really matter, and really last.

In my job as a Worship Leader in a local church, I’m often blessed by the compliments of people who think our band has done a great job, and I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate that… I do… but recently I learned that just like it’s a good idea to take criticism with a grain of salt and not ever take it personally (very very hard for me), it’s an equally good idea to take praise with the same attitude.

So, it’s nice to know I’ve done a good job, but I constantly remind myself that that isn’t about what I do, but what the band (the “team”) does together.

But there is one thing in my job, and what I do, that I will always take personally, and always rejoice in, and always get excited about…

That’s when I get the opportunity to work with young developing musicians, especially those who might be serious and might even make a living in working in worship for the local church someday, or music in any form. I’ve been blessed to help mentor a small handful of individuals this way, and I rejoice whenever I read those guys’ status updates on facebook, seeing what amazing people of God they’ve become, and how they’re using their gifts (that I, in some small way, got to help nurture).

So last night, I got to start doing that with a small group of teenagers at the church I started at in April. And what a gas. One grown up and 7 “hoodlums” (my affectionate name for teenagers that I work with) playing really loud boisterous worship music for a bunch of other hoodlums that, at least right now, don’t know what to make of the grown man behaving like a kid in front of them (on purpose).


…find someone who you can help develop, someone who can become all that they can be even better, maybe, because you added yourself to the mix.

It might be one of the greatest blessings of your life.


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