Happy Reformation Day

I'm gonna celebrate by making a list of all the things I really don't like about my friends... then I'm gonna dress like this guy and go pound nails into all their front doors... Seriously... it's a shame that the reformation(s) sometimes get a bad rap. There were people of conscience like Luther who wanted … Continue reading Happy Reformation Day


Grey Days

It's totally grey and rainy and dismal and just plain "blecch" outside here today. I love it. I'm not certain why, but these kinds of days make me glad to be alive. Maybe it's because I feel like I can rise above this silly grayness that is merely weather (after all, most of us spend … Continue reading Grey Days

Wasted Passion

I heard a statement on the radio that really struck me today. Watching sports and getting emotional about it, as so many of us do, is an excuse to get wildly passionate about something that, in the end, has absolutely no lasting impact or real meaningful importance in our lives. We get all excited that … Continue reading Wasted Passion