Christianity is Ridiculous

I am barraged at times like this (Eastertime) by a LOT of stuff on Facebook about Easter and the resurrection from both my “believing” friends (some of whom believe every cute cat video/sob story/conspiracy theory on the internet) and my “non-believing” friends (who, frankly, also often –I think– believe some stuff for some really odd reasons).

You’ve seen it. Everything from “The resurrection is a sham” to the latest “I died and went to heaven and I came back” story. Often this stuff ends up getting tied to something political or not (I love the new facebook feature with “similar links” for this kind of thing). Then we have the evidence guys… “I can prove it happened.” “I can prove it didn’t.” We have people who’ve made loads of money writing books from either perspective.

So let me spell it out for you, in a nutshell.

The idea of somebody rising from the dead, after being in a tomb for perhaps over 48 hours, on his own power… is… well… ludicrous. It’s not scientifically credible, it doesn’t happen, and somebody who believes such a thing has actually happened is probably not right in the head, and shouldn’t be trusted with heavy equipment or power tools or firearms…

…if it didn’t really happen…

But it did… If this part of the Christian faith isn’t true, then anyone who believes it is just, frankly, nuts.

More than three decades ago, the risen Christ suddenly made himself known in my heart, my life, my soul (if you will). I can explain it to you, but if He doesn’t do that amazing almost magical thing He does in you that he did in me, I admit, sadly, you will never believe me, or Him.

He is risen.

I promise you.


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