Adventures in Missing the Point

From a letter to the editor in the Cincinnati Enquirer, April 23, 2014.

With all due compassion to the woman struggling to feed her family with food stamps, the story did not deserve the front cover of The Enquirer on Easter Sunday. This day is the “Feast of all Feasts” ā€“ the great celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For Christians worldwide, Easter is THE most important event of the liturgical calendar. Indeed, Christmas is celebrated only in preparation for this great event.

I respectfully request that next year you give Easter the dignity and honor it deserves.

Well, I hope that next year the paper gives the Easter holiday the dignity and honor that Christ would applaud, where we are more informed about, stand more with and care more about the least amongst us, such as a woman who struggles to feed her family with food stamps. (Matthew 25 comes to mind.)

I think Jesus would want that more than just about anything.


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