All Choked Up

It happened again this morning…

I wanted to bust into tears when I dropped my son off at school (I don’t normally drive him, but it was raining and thundering this morning, so I did).

Maybe it was because my son had been away at Boy Scout Camp over the weekend, maybe it was the rain, or maybe it was because I had tripped and almost fell down stairs (and thought I was gonna die for a split second… but I’m fine…)

Or maybe it was because I’ve lost 3 relatives this last month and one other person I used to know from an old job.

Perhaps it was because I didn’t sleep well.

I prefer to think it was because in moments like those, I do actually realize how blessed I am. How fortunate to have the wife I have, and the son, and even the dog. How fortunate to be part of the community of faith in Jesus throughout history, and the particular group of ragamuffins I work with.

I think I actually do understand how lucky I am to have 3 squares a day and a roof over my head.

Maybe I really do realize how blessed I was to know people I’ve lost for even the short time I did.

Or maybe I’m just tired and need more coffee… No, I’m sure it’s not that.


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