So, I’m here attending the National Worship Leaders’ Conference and two of the speakers have completely blown me away.

One is Marva Dawn, the other is Tim Timmons.

Both said exactly what they felt, with great love for Jesus and his Church, and very little regard for what the popular positions are on anything. I found myself agreeing with most everything both of them shared. And they have something in common.

Their bodies are completely under attack. Marva has been deathly ill and spoke from a wheelchair, is deaf in one ear and blind in the opposite eye. And she had a joy that radiated like almost no one I’ve ever heard of or seen in my life.

Tim Timmons sang and talked like a man who believed that God can do anything, and does amazing things in the world today, and means every promise He ever made in the Bible… and Tim is basically dying of liver cancer even as we speak (although so far it is taking cancer a LONG time to take him…)

It makes me feel like if we all had a death sentence, or at least LIVED like we have a death sentence (which in a sense, we do), we might have more insight, more faith, more joy and more wisdom.

I wonder.