I’m the Biggest Wuss in the World

The final night of the National Worship Leaders’ Conference was really wonderful, and the highlight (along with seeing one of my son’s favorite singers, Nicole C Mullen) was seeing the 4th – 6th graders from the Korean Central Presbyterian Church lead us in worship for a while. They had smiles and hand motions and songs and attitude that was absolutely wonderful, and I was smiling and singing and waving my arms and deeply deeply touched…

…but then…

…in the middle of it all, I thought of the families of more than 200 girls halfway around the world who are wondering if they will ever see them again… and I thought, what if I got home and found out that my son was not there and we might never see it again, and there was nothing we could do either way.

And I cried like a little girl…

And I hope all do…


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