I had to go by the Apple store on Friday. No, I did not get, nor did I want, an iPhone 6. But I noticed some really odd things as I walked by the unbelievably long line to buy an iPhone 6 the very very first day. I’m an Apple fan boi for sure, but I’ve never stood in line to buy one of their products.

First off, nobody was smiling. They were about to buy the amazing Widget that would make their lives instantly better, and they looked downright surly. I think maybe they were mad at their own need to have the latest and greatest RIGHT NOW, or maybe they lost their jobs when they told their boss they weren’t coming in today so they could wait in line to buy an iPhone, and the boss was jealous because he couldn’t wait in line with them.

Next, most of them were staring at their phones, and I’m pretty sure most of the phones they were staring at were iPhone 5 or iPhone 4. Seriously… in 6 months, how much will the 2 or 3 new features in the new phone really affect you? News flash: after the first scratch on that beautiful case, it will feel JUST like the old phone. (For the record, this is also a phenomenon that some musicians, mainly guitarists, go through as they buy and sell and trade guitars, sometimes at dizzying speeds.)

You know, these phones have gotten so big nobody even puts them in their pocket or on a holster anymore. They just walk around with the thing in their hands. And they may as well be handcuffed to them, staring at them, constantly…

There’s a chemical in your brain that goes nuts when you buy and experience brand new stuff, I guess (More here).

For me, I’m resisting this as long as I can. Heck I don’t even have ANY smartphone.

Maybe I’ll wait for the iPhone 7 with the screen so big that I need two hands to lift it.