Lie Down in the Grass… again…

So… I started following Christ in the early 80s, and my “faith language” was, is, and always will be music. I was lucky to discover a few artists that helped feed my soul and my brain at the same time, and one of the very best of those, was a guy named Charlie Peacock. He produced a couple records and then made his own, entitled “Lie Down in the Grass”. This year marks the 30th anniversary of that album (I can’t believe I just said that) and there’s an awesome 30th anniversary edition, full of extras and remixes and stuff. It’ll be the best 10 bucks you’ll spend this year.

Charlie is one of only maybe 5 or 10 musical artists in the pop/rock genre that has never… ever… made an album I don’t love. (His best is actually his latest, btw.)

Look for it on iTunes or at Charlie’s web store here.

And thanks for the music, Charlie!


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